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Hello and thank you for visiting. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Debbie Obarski and I am the owner of Body Philosophy of Long Beach. 

What I do

Body Philosophy of Long Beach offers the best in rehab and recovery as well as energy healing, EFT, and wellness coaching. My slogan is "Where communicating with your body, means listening with my hands".  I have dedicated my career to taking the best care of my clients, leaving them feeling better and living happier, more pain-free lives. ​


I feel that life is a balancing act and the only way we can come to harmony is to be in balance. This is the achievement I strive for the most in life as well as the well-being of my clients. I love my work immensely and feel it is my “soul’s purpose". I am currently rebranding as a "Body Balancer” acting as an intermediary between the physical and the metaphysical.  Through my talents as a massage therapist, empathic/shamanic reiki practitioner, EFT practitioner, and love for helping others, I am passionate about creating this new system for healing Body, Mind, and Spirit.


​Wellness for all who are inspired to be healed by the knowledge that our bodies are designed to heal themselves and allow your body to speak to you through its extraordinary philosophy, and allow me to communicate and understand your body's needs.

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Deb Obarski - Owner / Operator

1512 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802

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