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Body Balancing© Coaching Series


What is Body Balancing? 


 Body Balancing takes you through a series of healing methods that balance the physical with the metaphysical (energy). First, we start with intent. Your intention for what you want to be healed will be your main focus as I work closely with you to reach your intended goal.


Coaching is critical.  Through our journey together, I will assist you in processing and understanding what is happening throughout your healing journey, and how connecting you with the physical and metaphysical aspects of yourself will propel you into the actualizing of your intended goal.

Balanced Healing

Balanced Healing is how both the physical and energetic anatomy plays important roles in each other's well-being. For instance, if I find myself suffering from headaches, my 6th Chakra most likely will be unbalanced.  Balancing the 6th Chakra (forehead), will help heal the headaches and perhaps even answer why you get them in the first place. This might be a simple example, but no matter how big or small, with this series, you will have more clarity as to who you are and become acquainted with whom you are becoming.


By the close of your series, you will have a higher sense of awareness and the tools to manage through life easier and with more confidence and self-sufficiency. Do you have a certain goal in mind that has been gnawing at you for some time, but you have no idea how to reach it? It could be a career dream, why chronic pain persists, or maybe you just want to look and feel better? Whatever your goal is, this series will help get you there. 


How Do I Know Body Balancing is Right for Me?


Body Balancing is right for you if what you have read resonates in any way. But, before you make a decision, I'd like to offer you a FREE Discovery Session. In this session, we will discuss your intentions for healing and assess whether or not Body Balancing is the direction you need to go into. 



Package Pricing 

3 Months

In Full: $2,499

3 Payments: $833


6 Months

In Full: $5,499

6 Payments: $916


12 Months

In Full: $7,499

          12 Payments: $625



 “Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.” ~Deborah Day



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