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Get one of the best massages right here in Long Beach, CA

Body Philosophy of Long Beach is located at  1335 Loma Ave. Long Beach, CA 90804.  Our place of business is within First Step Fitness.  As a member of Body Philosophy you have access the the gym to workout.  There are several talented trainers to help you get back in shape, loose some weight or get in the best shape of your life. 

Theraputic Massage gives you the flexibility in your body of you have lost.  It also finds and triggers to problem spots so you can heal properly.  Not all massages are the same in Long Beach, CA.  Most massages you will recieve may give you short term refief and relaxation but rarely targets the root cause of your pain.  At Body Philosophy of Long Beach we give massages that treat the underlying conditions that are causing your pain and discomfort.  This will ultimately reduce the number of massages you may need in the future.  Have a sports injury and need for it to heal quickly, Body Philosophy of Long Beach is here to help.  Maybe you got into a recent car accident and are looking for recovery, theraputic massage can be one of the best rememdies.  

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is a popular technigue to help with physical issues / chronic pain, emotional stress, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, problematic memories, enhance your overall performance. You’ll be in a safe and supportive atmosphere to help heal from what is holding you back from being your best self.  Come visit Body Philosophy of Long Beach today!

Message Therapy of Long Beach, CA is just another term for a better than average message.  We can blend different massage techniques to help ease pain and discomfort you are feeling.  

1512 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802

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