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Switching It Up!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Sometimes I like to switch things up a bit. Life has been so crazy and my brain stuffed to the gills with having to work around the life disrupter that is COVID. Because of that, I haven't been able to focus on a topic long enough not to mention, dedicate time to actually type it out. Alas, after a few months of wracking my brains, I finally figured out what to write about.

Since my blog is of a "supernatural" nature, I thought, why not write about my favorite-est show in the whole world. SUPERNATURAL! If you have not seen it, check it out. You can catch all 15 seasons on Netflix. From beginning to end, it holds a place in my heart. Not just because the boys are brave and hot, but because it helped me get through some of the toughest moments of my life. It felt like it was mirroring my life precisely when I needed it to, giving me the answers I so desperately needed, as well as, providing me with a few hours respite from life; with fun storylines, brave heroes, fair maidens, and what story wouldn't be complete without a few evil villains, who end up becoming part of the reasons why I watch.

The "Supernatural" Series Finale is coming up in October. All the fans are buzzing! It's on all of our minds. "What could it be, what could it be (bzz bzz bzz)?" Well, it got me to thinkin'. And the following is what transpired.



The following is the ending my guides provided me during one of my morning meditations. It took some tweaking, but as it started to build, the more satisfied I became with it, I hope it shows the respect it intends. I thank the Archangel Gabriel for helping me write it and thank you to Archangel Metatron for keeping my sacral chakra in balance.

The scene opens with what transpires right before the closing credits. This is the finale, "The Moment of Truth." In order to keep it on point, it is a much scaled-down version of the storyline. I wanted to keep it within certain parameters, so I cut a lot out.

I want to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to spread my (angelic) wings here. Since the pandemic, I have been very blessed in life, and part of that blessing is the time to do what I love, but never had the chance to. WRITE! I'm a bit nervous so be gentle please :D

Without further ado...


Season 15 (Fictional Ending)

"The Moment of Truth"

"The boys" are moments away from their final bout with Chuck. Like brave soldiers about to go into battle, they are painfully aware that they may not live to see tomorrow. So in case they didn't make it, they needed to say their goodbyes. Goodbye not only to each other but to a life that, to this day can't figure out how they endured. After a heartfelt, yet courageous goodbye, they utter one last statement. "It's what we do." They nod in unison ready to proceed. Trepidatiously, they enter the location where they knew Chuck would be. As they open the door, they find themselves in Sam's bedroom in their childhood home in Kansas. Sam and Dean look at each other in bewilderment. "What is Chuck up to?" Says Dean. Sam scans the room. There, standing in front of him is Chuck. Sam points and says, "Dean?" Dean looks up. They attempt to approach him, but before they can get close, they are blocked by four familiar faces. Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Metatron. They realize resistance is futile.

The boys are standing face to face with Chuck, ready at any given moment to rush kamikaze-style at GOD HIMSELF if need be! Dean says calmly, yet sternly "What are you up to Chuck?" Chuck approaches them with a friendly smile and says, "Welcome to the end of your lives, boys!" Metatron steps forward and sets down 2 large leather-bound books, each with their names engraved in solid-gold lettering on the cover. Dean says sarcastically, still wondering what Chuck has up his sleeve, "What is this? Bedtime stories?" Chuck lets out a chuckle and says, "No. Not quite." He grabs a seat and begins to explain to them how their lives were strategically planned before they were ever born. "We needed to test your strength, loyalty, bravery, heroism, and most of all, your sacrifice toward your fellow man. You not only displayed those traits, but you exceeded our expectations." Sam is starting to get angry. "Are you telling us our entire life was a dupe? A TEST?" Why?" Chuck replies, "If they lived a life of brilliant servitude, upon the end of their lives, they would be given the keys to their very own Kingdom.' You are two of those such men." Sam and Dean glance at each other. "Yes, your life was a test, a "dupe" as you say, but you were CHOSEN for a much higher, more important purpose, and we needed to see if you could prevail against all odds." Dean says, "What purpose would that be, huh Chuck?" Chuck turns to Dean and says, "To receive a reward that is given only to the Greatest and MOST Courageous."

Just to make sure they were all on the same page, Dean says, "So...you are not the bad guy." "No," Chuck giggles "None of us are." Referring to the band of archangels standing in wait around them. The very archangels that made Sam and Dean's life a living hell. Chuck stretches his arms out toward the 2 large leather-bound books. "This boys is the REAL story of how it ends." They tentatively open the books and look inside. Sam looks up seriously and says, "You are giving us a choice?" "Yes," Sam, in an excited tone says "And I get to be with Jess?" "Yes," says Chuck. nodding his head. Dean, looking down at his book whispers hopefully, "Mom and Dad". Chuck looks at Dean acknowledging him. "Sam? Dean? This is not only the end of your lives, but the beginning of your new ones and YOU get to choose, not me. It was never about me." Dean says, "Will it be the same life?" "Yes and No." Says Chuck. "You will be Dean Winchester, but you will not be Dean Winchester, the ghost hunter." "Mom and Dad?" says Dean, finally working out the puzzle. Chuck says, "Yes. Your family unit will be intact. Well, with only one exception..." As if he didn't hear the last part, Dean looks back at Chuck and asks, "Will I have any memory of this life?" Chuck says, "Yes, all of them, but you will grow into them as you age. In your adulthood, you will use your knowledge in a completely different way. You are going to be a great man, Dean Winchester. You are going to change the world. You both have no idea the magnificent life that is awaiting you." Dean asks, "What about Cass?" Chuck says, "Cass will go back with you. He is also ascending." Cass walks in the door and takes a place next to Dean. Cass looks at Dean, smiles, and says "I will get to experience life as a human."

Dean nods his head, then asks for one more question. "What did you mean, 'with only one exception'?" Chuck looks at him and then to Sam. With a dreadful, knowing stare, Dean says "What? Wait? C'mon Sammy. We get a do-over!" Sam says, "No Dean. I'm not going back." Just then, Billie walks through the door. Dean knows that Billies presence can only mean one thing. Looking desperately at Sam he says, "No! You gotta come with me!" Sam says "I don't want to go back there, Dean! I'm tired and I just want to be with Jess. I've ALWAYS wanted to be with Jess. He pauses contemplating the contents of his book. "Ruling the Kingdoms of the Afterlife" doesn't sound like a bad gig either. "Why don't you come with me?" Dean, in tears, knowing Sam won't change his mind-and neither will he-but being the brave older brother, his job is to make the hard decisions. "Y'know... Maybe it's time we choose for ourselves." He turns on his "Dean Charm" with a bit of humor. "I mean, we can't be stuck at the hip forever now can we, Sammy? Ew, Gross." He says as he tries to shake off the visual of he and Sam joined at the hip. However, with a serious grin on his face, Dean says "Sammy, we are being presented with the opportunity to do it all over again...I want to do it all over again. We lived a beautiful dupe man, but it was beautiful...not to mention a fun ride right, Sammy?" Sam pauses for a moment, trying not to break down. This is really the end. The deal is done. There are no more pages in the script. Sam nodding his head says, "It was..."

Billie approaches Sam and says "Are you ready?" He stares over at Dean and Cass one last time and says "Yes." As Sam turns around he sees a beautiful, glowing figure walking towards him. As it gets closer, Sam sees that it's Jess. "I've missed you," Sam says sniffling. Jess reaches her hand towards Sam. As Sam takes her outstretched hand, a light flashes, and they are adorned in royalty. Sam and Jess turn one last time to wave goodbye as they fade into the light. Chuck looks at Dean and Cass and says "It's time." He touches their shoulders.....


Five-year-old Dean is standing alone outside of his elementary school. A nicely dressed boy approaches him and says "Hi! I'm Cass! Do you wanna be friends?" Dean says "Sure! Do you like cars?" Cass says "YEA! Vroom Vroom", pretending to be driving fast and furious. Just then, a car roars into the parking lot. It's "Baby". John Winchester steps out from the driver's side door and says "Dean! C'mon, let's go!" Dean looks at Cass and says "That's my dad. I gotta go!" Cass says "Ok. See you tomorrow." Dean runs towards the car. Mary steps out of the driver's side door, picks up Dean, and gives him a big hug! "Bye Cass! Mom! That's my new friend Cass!" Mary says "I'm so happy you made a friend on your first day, Dean! Ready to go home get some ice cream?" Their voices trail off into inaudible, jovial conversation. They get in the car and drive away. Cass lingers on the moment, as he watches "Baby" grow smaller and smaller in the distance.

Cass is brought back to reality by the voice of his mother (Kelly Kline) calling him from the distance. Cass turns slowly, "Coming!" He runs toward the car and as he gets there, he opens up the door and says "Hi Baby Jack." to the baby in the backseat. Mom looks down at Cass from the driver's seat, smiling, "ready?" She puts the car in drive and pulls away.



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